Parasite Oscar is a big win, it is a universal art language


“Parasite” Oscar is a big win, it is a universal art language
The 92nd Oscar has just ended. This Oscar has created a new history. The best film was won by the non-English movie “Parasite.”This work, which has already won the Golden Palm Award, won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best International Film, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay, creating a new grand occasion for Asian films on the Oscar.The director of the award-winning scene Feng Junhao.Oscar has always been an ultra-long front, and has been baptized by multiple outposts along the way, gradually revealing a clear basic layout.This time the Oscar players can be divided into four echelons: the first team is set up by different troops, the second team is precision delivery, the third team is a luxury matte gun, and the fourth team is a faithful foil.It is definitely a win or lose. In the four echelons, the latter two are losers.The fourth team has “Pain and Glory”, “The Land of Honey”, “Harriet”, “Breaking News”, and “Inheritance of the Pope”. They have followed important progress along the way. Almost all the main attacks have been nominated, but in the endThere is basically no gain.The third team’s level is “Irish”, “Marriage Story” and “Little Women”, these three films should have been the main force of Oscar this year, but did not expect to get enough nominations, but too little.The best supporting actress in “Marriage Story” and the best costume design in “Little Women” are entirely consolation awards, not to mention “Irish” to make old Martin return again.Judging from Martin Scorsese’s years of failure in the struggle with Oscar, although he suffers from cinema, Oscar never seems to care about cinema.The camp headed by him, of course, can only be respected by appointment, not imitated.In the winner team, the second team belongs to a final, and finally won.For example, the best actor in “Clown”, the best actress in “Judy”, the best supporting actor and best art director in “Hollywood”, the best adapted script for “Jojo’s Whimsical World”, “The best animated feature film of Toy Story 4 and the best song of “Rocket Man”.He is dedicated to one battle, not for double, but single.This is also a common strategy in the Oscars. Brad Pitt is clearly a double actor in “Hollywood” and chose to declare a supporting actor, that is, to ensure that he has no rivals.The seed players in the first echelon are “1917”, “Speed King” and “Parasite”.Originally Sam Mendes’s “1917” was not expected to be high, but suddenly began to lead after the Golden Globe, swept the position of most outposts, focusing on the best film and best director award.But in the end, because of the excessive technical flow, it was still the Oscar, and in the end, only the best photography, best visual effects, and best mixing were set in three technical categories.The “Speed King” made a lot of money in a muffled sound. Under the circumstances of seeming to be in the end, it actually won two awards for best editing and best sound editing.The final award of “Parasite” undoubtedly proves that Oscar is a popular competition. “Parasite” has a very high popularity in North America. Both professional filmmakers and the general public have praised this film.Oscar has been particularly compassionate about foreign language films in recent years, but it is an accident that was able to achieve the best film step.This is a big concession for Oscar, and in the future, it will send more different countries and great confidence in language films.At the same time, it is also a great affirmation of the genre film, as long as it is typed to the extreme, it is the universal art language.□ Ear (film critic) editor of sauna night net Wu Longzhen proofread Zhai Yongjun