Ten thousand Chinese fans in Western Sydney cheered Evergrande to wear Evergrande air transport fan uniform (photo)_1


Ten thousand Chinese fans in Western Sydney cheered Evergrande to wear Evergrande air transport fan uniform (photo)
The famous Chinese fans created a red sea in the famous Asian Cup more than a month ago. On the evening of March 4th in the Western Sydney home stadium, nearly 10,000 Chinese fans once again turned Sydney Parramatta Stadium into China’s home stadium.With the support of Chinese fans, Guangzhou Hengda also played a tragic and exciting game.Red Sea at home in Western Sydney Before this game, Evergrande’s foreign aid Alan was injured, causing damage to the team’s attack line, but Evergrande did not suffer much. The players were particularly active in the game, especially afterAfter Cheng was seriously injured, Evergrande players showed their spirit of fighting together and fighting for their opponents.After the game, Evergrande players mentioned in an interview that the team relies on a spirit to stick to the end. Everyone firmly believes that they must defeat their opponents, even if they continue to be injured, they will not be afraid. Everyone’s belief is that they mustThe fruits of victory from hard work are brought home.  In this game, nearly 10,000 Chinese fans came to the scene to cheer for Evergrande.It is understood that Evergrande is currently the only club in the Super League that has a fan association in Australia.This time, the Evergrande Ball Disaster in Australia organized about seven or eight thousand Chinese fans to attend the scene. In addition, some spontaneous fans also came to the scene to watch the game.In addition, Hengzai Club once again airlifted more than 10,000 red fans wearing the scene, turning Sydney Parramatta Stadium into a red ocean.In this game, Hengda team is just like fighting at home. Nearly 10,000 Chinese fans cheered for Chinese football at the scene.  After the game, Australian Chinese fans also said: Whether it was the last Asian Cup or this time the AFC Champions League, the Chinese team has a very good performance. The victory of the team’s tenacious performance also made the Australian Chinese very upsetIn the future, as long as a Chinese team comes here, they will spare no effort to cheer.(Yu Jing sent from Sydney)