The disappearance of the team’s Kawasaki: from the Shide crown city to the present wish more treasures


The disappearance of the team’s Kawasaki: from the Shide crown city to the present “wish more treasures”
In 2004, members of Sichuan Guancheng filmed the family portrait.Photo / Osports Since the beginning of professionalization in 1994, the Chinese Football League has had too many stories.The reasons for the disappeared teams to leave seem different, but at least they are unable to continue to survive.The same gold medal ball market, also wearing a yellow shirt, more than a year after Shaanxi Guoli was disqualified by the Football Association and disbanded, Sichuan Guancheng announced the dissolution on January 27, 2006, and all players were listed for transfer.Different from Shaanxi’s national strength, Sichuan Guancheng was forced to disband due to the “Shide”.During the A-League period, Sichuan Quanxing, with its soldiers and horses, was the yellow whirlwind of Chinese football.The defending game in Chengdu is the tragic and tragic history of Sichuan football. It is a buzzword that Sichuan fans bring to fans all over the country.In 2001, Quanxing Group, which could not bear the decline for many years, announced its withdrawal from sponsorship of Sichuan Football, and the club was subsequently transferred to Dalian Dahe.However, the press conference on February 21, 2002 was jointly bid by Quanxing Group and Shide Group-Shide invested 38 million yuan to acquire Quanxing Football Training Base. Dalian Dahe Investment Co., Ltd. introduced by Shide only took a low of 4 million yuan.Bought 100% equity of Quanxing Club.The “Shide Department” took to the stage of Chinese football.In 2002 and 2003, the association between Shide and Dahe caused dissatisfaction with other clubs, and the Chinese Football Association also demanded the replacement of the two clubs with a tough attitude.In early 2003, after the unsuccessful episode of Pacific Insurance Company’s acquisition of Dahe Club, Guancheng Group finally took over.But after that, the outside gradually discovered that Guancheng also had a relationship with Shide.On January 18, 2006, the Chinese Football Association issued an “ultimatum”, which clearly required Sichuan Guancheng to complete the transfer by January 28, and the transfer could not again produce a change-related relationship with Dalian Shide.In a situation where it was not possible to seek a transfer object, the club hosted the Sichuan Football Association and participated in the 2006 Chinese Super League under the new name.However, the Sichuan Provincial Football Association and Dalian Shide reached an agreement on the payment method. On the day before the time specified by the Football Association, Guancheng had no choice but to dissolve it.The blank left after the dissolution of Chuanzuo was filled with the first stroke in 2018-Sichuan Annapurna sprinted successfully, but their first year in Central China was extremely unsuccessful, and they passed the entry barrier by buzzing in early 2019.Since investors cannot afford the club’s operating expenses in 2019, Sichuan FC is managed by the Sichuan Football Association.Sichuan FC official blog issued a farewell.Network screenshot Sichuan FC once had the vitality of whether it can be successfully transferred, but some interested parties have instead agreed to an acquisition plan with Sichuan FC. Therefore, within the allocation period specified by the Chinese Football Association, the club did not submit an application for property rights allocation, nor did itSalary bonus confirmation form, giving up the qualification for the first season in the first division.On February 4, the Sichuan FC official blog issued a farewell message: “People can’t admonish those who come, they can still be chased.May the prince be more precious and meet each other in mountains and rivers.”Sichuan football has never been a civilian, but across time and space, the tragedy of the old and new Sichuan footballs is reflected in the sigh.Proofreading Wei Zhuo